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Digital Style Company is one of the pioneers in the field of information technology in the Kingdom. We are committed to providing efficient and advanced solutions to meet the needs of digital businesses. We combine creativity and expertise to develop electronic systems that efficiently and effectively achieve our clients' goals.

ابدأ الآن

E-Systems Development .

Web Applications Development

  We offer customized web application development services that effectively meet the needs of your business. From attractive design to superior performance, we are here to ensure the utmost efficiency.

  Mobile Applications Development  
  We take pride in delivering innovative mobile applications compatible with all major operating systems. Whether for Android or iOS, our team ensures the delivery of an exceptional user experience.

Industrial Electronics Solutions 
We have expertise in developing and implementing industrial electronics solutions that integrate software and efficient systems to support production and control operations.   

Cloud Software Services (SAAS)

Software as a Service (SAAS) is considered an innovative solution for providing user-friendly programs over the internet, reducing complexity, and minimizing maintenance costs. We offer customized SAAS solutions to meet your business needs, contributing to improving operations and enhancing efficiency.

Advantages of SAAS:
Online Access: Users can access applications and data from anywhere on the internet.
Automatic Updates: Software is updated automatically, ensuring the use of the latest features and improvements.
Cost-Effective: Cost reduction is achieved through a subscription model, providing efficient features.

DNoodles | E-services Factory

No-Code Low-Code Platform 
منصة أتمتة العمليات بدون كتابة اكواد برمجية
هو عبارة عن عدة حزم تم تطويرها لتسهيل بناء الحلول الالكترونية بشكل سريع ولا يحتاج لذوي الخبرة في مجال تقنية المعلومات .
صانع الخدمات الإلكترونية، أدوات التكامل، منشئ سير العمل، الإشعارات، إدارة المستخدمين، إدارة الهيكل التنظيمي، بوابة الدخول الموحد .... والمزيد

كما ان دي نودلز  جاهز للارتباط مع أي نظام الكتروني مثل  ERP   و أنظمة LDAP ومنتاكامل مع نفاذ

​Weka | Accounting System

Accounts, sales, purchases, customer management and more

Wakaa is an integrated accounting program that was developed by a team consisting of Arab accountants and empowered developers. Its integration with the Saudi markets in particular and the Arab ones in general was taken into account, and it is compatible with the requirements of the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. The team has worked to ensure that it keeps pace with all new requirements such as the electronic invoice and full connectivity

 الدخول الموحد DN-SSO منصة سعودية بالكامل 

امتلك منصة الدخول الموحد لمنشأتك وبدون رسوم تجديد رخص سنوية

منصة DNoodles SSO توفر تجربة دخول سهلة وآمنة للمستخدمين، وتتضمن العديد من الميزات، بما في ذلك:

تكامل مع نفاذ الوطني, التكامل مع الدليل النشط AD (LDAP)والأنظمة داخل المنشأة, تكامل مع جميع حلول الدخول بخطوتين مثل  SMS Google , Microsoft , Apple 


Why DigitalStyle

 اطلاق الخدمات الالكترونية اسرع

Build and launch electronic services on the same day.

Building electronic solutions with us is easier

You will not need to deal with programming codes to launch any service, only graphical and easy input interfaces. Dealing.


The system covers a large percentage of all establishments' needs for electronic services, regardless of the activity. It is flexible to transform any service provided by establishments from traditional to electronic.



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